Ash Wednesday fasting, History and Meaning

Ash Wednesday – The 40-day fast in Christian society begins on Wednesday. This fast has a lot of importance in religion. Know why Christian society puts ashes on the forehead

Ash Wednesday fasting –

The 40-day fast in Christian society begins on Wednesday. This fast has a lot of importance in religion. On these special days, almost every person of society conducts sattvic behavior by eating food at one time. This is the time to connect oneself to God and atone for the sins committed. Bishop Chacko of Indore Dharma Province said that these special days begin with ash Wednesday. On this day, the priests rub ashes on the foreheads of all the people and remind them that they are mud and will be mixed in the soil. That is, everyone has to meet God one day.

This 40-day fast starts on Ash Wednesday and ends on Good Friday. In fact, these days, Lord Jesus prayed to God for forty days without eating anything in the desert before delivering his teachings to the people. With this aim in mind, Christians aspire to live a holy life, abandoning their sinful lives, praying to God with fasting and abstinence.

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The whole society meditates on the great sacrifice of God the Son Jesus in a 40-day fast. The Lord Jesus loved people so much that they sacrificed themselves on the cross for them. In this holy period, people should promote sacrificial prayer and good works so that they can connect more intimately with Jesus, and also strive to be in harmony with them. Jesus also said, “Be kind, as your father is merciful.”

In this period, Christian society along with their religious and spiritual activities also strive for self-realization and improvement of character. Leaving behind their bad habits, with new changes, they apologize to the Lord Jesus and other exiles for their mistakes. They follow the path shown by Jesus. Jesus said to love your neighbors as yourself. Society believes that human love connects us with divine love and gives us visions of God.

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