Ashok Stambh Controversy: Why is there controversy regarding the Parliament new building Design? Know what is its full history

Ashok Stambh Controversy There has been a controversy regarding the design of the Ashoka Pillar installed in the new Parliament of the country. Leaders of many other opposition parties, including the Congress, have alleged that the design of the national emblem i.e. Ashoka Pillar has been tampered with.

Aam Aadmi Party’s Rajya Sabha MP Sanjay Singh tweeted- ‘I want to ask 130 crores Indians whether those who change the national symbol should speak “anti-national” or not.’ Apart from Sanjay Singh, all opposition leaders including Congress leader Jairam Ramesh are aggressive with the government regarding this issue.

Union Minister replied to Ashok Stambh controversy

Many leaders associated with the BJP, including the ministers of the government, have given the answer. Union Minister Hardeep Puri has published a complete tweet thread regarding the design, in which it has been told that the Ashoka Pillar in the parliament new building is completely based on the Ashoka Pillar present in Sarnath Puri wrote, ‘The effect of angle, height, and scale needs to be appreciated while comparing the two structures. If one looks at the emblem of Sarnath from below, it will seem as calm or angry as is being discussed.

The sculptor said – no change in design

According to a report published in Aaj Tak, the sculptor Sunil Deore, who designed the Ashoka Pillar, has also said that no tampering has been done with the design. Denying the fact that the lion’s mouth was more open, he said that it took more than 9 months to make this pillar. The pillar of the new parliament is a copy of the pillar of Sarnath. At the same time, he also said that his agreement to build this pillar was with Tata and not with BJP.

There has also been a ruckus over the presence of PM Modi

On Tuesday, just before the Ashoka Stambh controversy over the design, there was a ruckus on another issue on Monday. In fact, after the unveiling of the Ashoka Pillar by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the issue was raised on behalf of the opposition that he was not invited to this program.

Ashok Stambh Controversy has been going on since the beginning

In fact, the opposition parties have been targeting from the beginning the new building of Parliament. It was targeted by Congress even during the Covid-19 pandemic. During the farmers’ movement, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi tweeted- ‘It will also be recorded in history that when Annadata was fighting for rights on the streets for 16 days, then you were building a palace for yourself in the name of Central Vista, democracy in power, it is not a means to fulfill whims, but a medium for public service and public welfare. This tweet on behalf of Rahul Gandhi came after the Prime Minister laid the foundation stone of the new Parliament.

Why the need for a new building?

The basis for the construction of the new building was about the number of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha members apart from the existing building being old. Actually, the number of Lok Sabha members should be more on the basis of the population in the country, but there is no arrangement for their seating in the new building. Whereas now the Parliament new building will have seats for 888 members in the Lok Sabha.

But when the new building ie Central Vista Project was started by the Modi government, there was fierce opposition from Congress and the opposition parties. The controversy over the Ashoka Pillar may be fresh, but the opposition’s allegations about the Parliament new building keep coming. It is interesting that the sculptors of this pillar themselves have accepted that no changes have been made to the structure.

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