Why is a sacrifice on Bakrid and Namaz on Idgah important? Learn the full story

Eid-ul Juha means Bakrid. This is the second-largest Muslim festival after Eid-ul-Fitr. On both occasions, special prayers are offered by going to Idgah or in mosques.

On Eid-ul-Fitr, it is custom to make Sheer Kaki, while on Eid-ul Juha, goats or other animals are sacrificed. This year the situation is very different. The whole world is struggling with the coronavirus epidemic. Social distancing has been said to be the most important weapon in preventing this virus. In such a situation, the government is imposing restrictions on the crowd gathering on festivals.

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Now that the chance is of Bakrid, there is a dispute on this too. In particular, some people and leaders associated with the right-wing ideology have demanded not to sacrifice. In areas where there is no place to sacrifice, there is also a place fixed for it, where a large number of people sacrifice their animals. But this time it is not allowed to be deposited in public places. Therefore, some people are opposing it and saying that sacrifice is necessary, in such a situation, it should be allowed. While many major Muslim organizations and religious leaders have also appealed to observe Eid only by following the guidelines of the administration. However, in all these controversies, they tell you when and how the celebration of Bakrid started. Also, how was this festival of Eid celebrated in that period?

Only sacrifices were offered

According to the belief of Islam, the last Prophet (Messenger) was Hazrat Mohammad. During the time of Hazrat Mohammad, Islam took full form and whatever traditions or methods Muslims adopt today are from the time of Prophet Mohammad. But even before Prophet Mohammad, a large number of Prophet came and spread Islam. Hazrat Ibrahim was one of the totals of 1 lakh 24 thousand prophets. The process of sacrifice was started from these times.

Hazrat Ibrahim tied his blindfold and put a knife on the neck of son Ismail. But instead of Ismail, a dumba appeared there. When Hazrat Ibrahim removed the blindfold from his eyes, his son Ismail stood up in equal measure. It is said that this was just an examination and Hazrat Ibrahim succeeded in it. Thus began this tradition of sacrificing animals.

Why do Muslims go to Idgah?

The sacrifice of animals began in Hazrat Ibrahim’s time, but the way Bakrid is celebrated today, it was not celebrated in his time. Today, the way Eid namaz is read by going to mosques or Idgah, in the same way, it was not read in Hazrat Ibrahim’s time. This way of offering namaz by going to Idgah started during the time of Prophet Mohammad.

Islamic expert Maulana Hamid Nomani says on this issue, “How Eid is celebrated today started in the time of Prophet Mohammad. Qurbani started during the time of Hazrat Ibrahim but the process of going to Idgah to offer Namaz started during the time of Prophet Mohammad. This method was adopted almost a decade and a half after Prophet Mohammad became a prophet. At that time Prophet Mohammad came to Medina.

On the question of why go to Idgah for Namaz, Maulana Nomani says that Eid Namaz can be read in place of both mosque or Idgah. But going to Idgah is considered a good way to offer namaz. This is so that people can know what their culture is, what their Nizam is, who they are. Explain that in any township or town or city, the number of mosques is very high. Even mosques exist according to the mohallas. But in a city or town, Idgah is only one, where all the people of the surrounding area gather and offer namaz. Apart from offering Namaz at Idgah, it is also custom to greet each other with a hug.

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