Use olive oil in 3 ways in constipation problem, you will get the benefits

If you are troubled by constipation problem, then consuming olive oil can relieve you of this problem.

If the food is not right, there may be many stomach related diseases and constipation is very common in these diseases. To say that the disease of constipation seems small, but only one who has to deal with this problem can understand its severity. Although there are many home remedies to remove constipation, olive oil is the panacea for this problem. Olive oil is very beneficial for the stomach. Olive oil, rich in vitamin-E, vitamin-K, iron, omega-3, and 6 fatty acids and antioxidants, relieves constipation problems in a pinch.

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Let us tell you how you can get rid of this problem by consuming olive oil in the constipation problem.

Drink olive oil on an empty stomach in the morning

You should consume olive oil as soon as you wake up in the morning. For this, you only drink one teaspoon of olive oil raw. If you want, you can also mix olive oil in hot water and consume olive oil. Keep in mind that you have to drink olive oil on an empty stomach in the morning, after that you can go to the washroom. If you have forgotten to drink on an empty stomach, you can consume it for at least 1 hour after eating something. If you repeat this process regularly then you will get a benefit.

Drink olive oil by adding fruit juice

It is usually not easy for people to drink raw olive oil or mix it in water because it is slightly bitter. In this case, you can mix and drink it with fruit juice. Not only that, you can eat 1 spoon of olive oil on the chopped fruits and eat them, it will also give you relief in constipation. If you want, you can also eat a spoonful of olive oil in fiber-rich vegetables. If you repeat this process regularly, your occupation problem will end.

Olive oil with milk

If you drink a teaspoon of olive oil in hot milk and drink it daily, it will also reduce your constipation problem. Let us tell you that people who have severe constipation problem and bleeding on excretion, they should consume olive oil along with hot milk (know the right time to drink milk) every morning and night. By doing this you will not have pain and bleeding while defecating. If you drink a teaspoon of olive oil mixed with milk every day on an empty stomach in the morning and 1 hour after dinner, then you can get rid of the constipation problem.

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