Yoga celebrity: बॉलीवुड के ये सबसे फिट सितारे कौन सा योग करते हैं?

In the glitzy and glamor-ridden world of the film industry, every star needs peace. Many celebrities are keeping themselves relaxed and fit with the help of meditation and yoga. Let’s know about them.

Shilpa shetty yoga –

Shilpa Shetty started yoga to get relief from the common man. This benefited him so much that he made it a fitness routine. Even when she was pregnant, she used to do yoga under the doctor’s supervision. Shilpa does ashtanga yoga to keep herself fit.

Jacqueline fernandez yoga –

Sri Lankan beauty Jacqueline Fernandes likes to do yoga more than going to the gym. She does yoga for one hour daily and practices Surya Namaskar 108 times during this period. She is an addict of hatha yoga and is fully accustomed to its rugs.

Bollywood celebrities who practice Yoga regularly

Akshay kumar yoga –

While doing yoga in the Akshaya swimming pool, Akki is known for martial arts but he favors yoga. For yoga practice, he gets up every day at four-thirty in the morning. They mix yoga with swimming. Like doing yoga exercises while standing or lying in the water. Apart from this, they also do meditation every day.

kareena kapoor yoga –

Kareena Kapoor Khan does not like to go to the gym very much to keep herself fit, but instead of doing yoga at home, she keeps herself fit and in shape. In many interviews, she told that she does Surya Namaskar at least 50 times daily at home.

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