causes dizziness

What causes dizziness? And The Most Effective Dizziness Treatment Food?

Suddenly a feeling of darkening before the eyes or a feeling like turning the head can happen to anyone. Apart from this, sometimes fatigue and weakness can also be felt. These are... Read more »
benefits of pineapple

The health benefits of Pineapple

There are numerous benefits of pineapple, including its rich nutrients and anti-cancer agent amount. The high levels of L-ascorbic acid as well as Bromelain could help prevent macular degeneration that can cause vision... Read more »
Signs and Symptoms You Need to See a Gynecologist

Signs and Symptoms You Need to See a Gynecologist

According to Marham, there are multiple alarming reasons which can contribute to visiting a gynecologist. For the health of the females, it is mandatory to see a gynecologist. The problem with periods... Read more »
Dolo 650 Paracetamol

350 crore pills of Dolo 650 were sold during the Corona period!

Dolo 650 sales peaked during the second quarter. In April 2021, Dolo 650 tablets were sold worth Rs 49 crore. According to healthcare research firm IQVIA, this is the highest sale of... Read more »
Corona & dengue

Corona or Dengue? Recognize by these different symptoms

Dengue mosquitoes breed more during the monsoon. During this time the risk of this disease remains high. The coronavirus epidemic is going on in the country, in such a situation, if someone... Read more »
thick eyebrows

Follow these home remedies to get thicker eyebrows naturally

How to grow thicker eyebrows: Instead of chemicals, you should find natural ways to get thick eyebrows. With the help of natural remedies given here, you can get thick eyebrows on the... Read more »
snoring logo

Snoring Solutions: Learn- Why Snoring Comes? how to stop snoring in easy ways.

Many people have a habit of snoring problems at bedtime. Sometimes the sound of this snoring is so loud that even people who sleep side by side get upset. Strong snoring sometimes... Read more »
snoring logo

Flatulence treatment: best home remedy for flatulence, gas. These household things will give immediate relief

The problem of gas in the stomach is also called becoming air or gas in the stomach. It is also called gas or flatulence of the stomach or intestines. Nowadays, due to... Read more »
kidney health with these home remedies

How to take care of kidney health with these home remedies

If you want the kidneys to be healthy, then it is very important to take some food, so that the poisonous substance of the kidneys gets out. Eating such a diet also... Read more »
jaundice symptoms

Jaundice: symptoms, causes, treatment, diagnosis, prevention

There is nothing to worry about jaundice in children. But if the people are vulnerable to this disease, then the problem increases. It also takes a long time to recover. Learn important... Read more »
olive oil constipation problem

Use olive oil in 3 ways in constipation problem, you will get the benefits

If you are troubled by constipation problem, then consuming olive oil can relieve you of this problem. If the food is not right, there may be many stomach related diseases and constipation... Read more »
Yoga Celebrity

Yoga celebrity: बॉलीवुड के ये सबसे फिट सितारे कौन सा योग करते हैं?

In the glitzy and glamor-ridden world of the film industry, every star needs peace. Many celebrities are keeping themselves relaxed and fit with the help of meditation and yoga. Let’s know about... Read more »

Tips to get rid of pimples – पिम्पल्स से छुटकारा पाने के घरेलु उपाय

If you have acne scars on your face and it is not healing even after a lot of brushing, then you must try these 4 home remedies. Usually everyone gets pimples on... Read more »
Eye exercises

Yoga for eyesight improvement -आंखों की रोशनी बढ़ाने के लिए करें Eye Yoga

To keep the eyes healthy, do yoga and eye exercises. Yoga keeps the muscles of the eye fine such as myopia and hypermetropia. Let us know what kind of yoga can keep... Read more »

Exercise to reduce belly fat – पेट कम करने की एक्सरसाइज कैसे करें

It is normal to have some fat on the stomach because this fat protects the bones like a cushion but, if this fat becomes excessive, then the risk of diseases can increase.... Read more »