Benefits of Blockchain-Enabled Education Background Check

Authenticating resumes is a big problem for recruiters worldwide. The primary problem of this method is that it requires considerable time and money for the Candidate Background Check. Traditionally, human resource managers... Read more »
Plastic tiranga flag koo app

#SayNoToPlasticTiranga: Campaign launched by Koo app

The indigenous microblogging site Koo has started the SayNoToPlasticTiranga campaign on the special occasion of Independence Day. The purpose of this campaign is to say no to plastic Tiranga. Koo App has... Read more »
Blockchain technology

Utilize Blockchain Technology to Facilitate Education Background Checks in a More Secure and Timely Manner

It is not true that many job applicants falsify their resumes to obtain jobs with their desired organizations. Additionally, in rare instances, human resource experts hire the wrong candidate. Regrettably, this results... Read more »
Google Photo

Google Photos: Unlimited storage will not be available with Google Photos from the new year

Google has made it clear that no charge will be taken on 15 GB storage before 1 June. That is, users can migrate easily to another cloud service for themselves by next... Read more »
FAU-G game

What is a FAU-G game and when will it release?

Ever since PUBG has been banned by the Government of India, there has been a ruckus among the PUBG players. In this way, Bollywood’s veteran actor: “Akshay Kumar” has announced to create... Read more »
Google Meet

What is Google Meet and how to use Google meet?

The need for video calling and video conferencing has become excessive due to the lock down. In such a situation, people are looking for an app that allows them to make video... Read more »

Telegram will be equipped with video calling feature, end to end encryption

The video calling feature is now being released in Telegram. This app is known for privacy and security. There are many such features that are not found in other apps. Video calling... Read more »
chingari app replacement of tiktok

The magic of the chingari app, Desi Tiktok downloads exceeded 15 million

The chingari app has received a great response after the ban on Tiktok. The Chingari app has been downloaded more than 15 million times in India after the ban on tiktok. Let... Read more »