George Floyd Death Incident Latest News Updates On Minneapolis Police

On Monday, a police officer arrested George Floyd and placed his knee on his neck and held Floyd’s throat in the same position for more than seven minutes, after which he died.

Minneapolis, USA: Demonstration has continued since May 25 in the death of 46-year-old black man George Floyd due to police brutality in the US. Now Floyd’s official autopsy report i.e. autopsy report has come out. . This report states that Floyd died due to pressure on the throat. Let me tell you that a police officer arrested George Floyd on Monday and put his knee on his neck and kept Floyd’s throat in the same position for more than seven minutes, after which he died.

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Washington, JNN. In the US, the death of black George Floyd in police custody is causing a terrible panic. Violent protests have been taking place across America since George’s death, killing at least five people and arresting over four thousand more and damaging billions of dollars of property. Even President Donald Trump had to go to the bunker due to heavy protests outside the White House. George Floyd has become a symbol of justice and equality in America.

Know who was George Floyd

George Floyd was a 46-year-old black African American community citizen. He was born in North Carolina and lived in Houston, Texas. According to a BBC report, he moved to Minneapolis several years ago to find work.

On May 25, police arrested black American George Floyd on charges of using fake 20 dollar notes. Americans are angry with Floyd’s painful death. A video of the incident surfaced in which a policeman was seen kneeling on George’s throat for 7 minutes. George fainted by saying ‘I can’t breathe’ but accused police officer Derek Schowin did not feel sorry. After George’s death, people are demanding justice against this apartheid atrocity of the police. The protests reached the capital Washington and the White House, the president’s home, had to be closed.

Police say George physically resisted the arrest, followed by the use of force. The news of Floyd’s death spread like wildfire and demonstrations began after May 25 in Minneapolis. The protesters demanded that the policemen should be arrested and a case of murder registered against them.

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