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The Guinness World Record is the record under which a person from any corner of the earth, if talented, can brighten his name globally by registering his name. However, it requires an application to register your name. Many people dream of getting a name rating under this world record, but only those people are able to register their names under it, who have a world class talent and no other person can beat that talent.

The Guinness World Record was started in the year 1958. This world record ran as ‘The Guinness Book of Records’ till the year 1998 and after this it was named ‘The Guinness Book of World Records’. It is a kind of record book, which is re-edited every year and new world records are added to it. It includes records made by humans and various natural records. This book itself has also made a world record, this book has won the title of ‘Best Selling Copyright Book of All Time’. This book has been published in 23 different languages ​​in 100 countries around the world for the last 63 years. Its international franchise has also planned to start a museum and TV channel in its name. Records included in it include world records created by people from different places of the world.

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The Guinness World Record has a very long history. On November 10, 1951, Sir Hugh Beaver, who was then the director of the Guinness Breweries Company, came to his mind that no such book has come to the world, which contains things related to world records. Reading this book can answer many questions in a moment

List of world records to break

Oldest bodybuilder

The world’s oldest bodybuilder, Jim Arrington, achieved this feat in 2013 itself. Jim was then 83 years old. This year, his name has been recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Longest eyelashes

Chinese-born Yu Jianshi managed to make it to the Guinness World Book of Records due to her long eyelashes. His eyelashes are 4.88 inches long.

The fastest ballooning record

Hunter Evan holds the record for the fastest balloon inflating in an hour. Evan inflated 910 balloons in one hour.

Youngest married couple

Paulo Gabriel da Silva Barros have a world record for the world’s shortest married couple. The length of both is 181.41 centimeters.

Longest nails

Ayanna williams, who hails from Texas, USA, holds the record for having the longest nail. The length of their nails is 8 feet 10.9 inches. Ayana has been growing her nails for the last 20 years.

Nose typing

Khurshid Hussain of Hyderabad has made the Guinness World Record by typing the fastest nose in the world. Khurshid typed 103 characters in 47 seconds.

World’s youngest woman

 The 23-year-old Jyoti Amge, who is said to be the world’s smallest woman living in Nagpur, is only 61.95 centimeters or about 2 feet in height. Prior to this, Jyoti has also got the title of the youngest teenager.

 World’s longest turban

 Avatar Singh Mouni, living in Patiala, Punjab, has a turban length of 645 meters and weighs 45 kg. It takes about 6 hours to wear it once.

 World’s Largest Mustache

Ram Singh Chauhan (58), a resident of Jaipur, holds the world title of the world’s largest mustache. His mustache is 14 feet in length. Ram Singh has been growing his mustache for the last 32 years.

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