How to lose face fat

Body fat is easy to hide but face fat can spoil your overall look. Here are some easy exercises that you can get rid of from this problem.

Many times, the beauty and beauty of a person is lost when fatness increases on the face. Fat on the face not only makes you uncomfortable but, the fatness on the face also shows you aging.
 There is no physical problem due to the fat deposited on the face but due to not being attracted, there is definitely a problem in the mind.

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Chin lift

If you have a double chin, then this exercise can show a lot of effect for you. Doing this causes stretching of most facial muscles, including jaws and neck muscles. But keep in mind, do not use other muscles other than lips while doing this exercise. You can do this by sitting or standing. For this, tilt your neck backwards and your mouth towards the sky. Tighten your lips, like kissing the sky. Hold for 10 seconds, then relax. Repeat this 10 times for 10-10 seconds.

Lips bridge

This is a very effective facial exercise, which makes your face look younger than your age by doing it regularly. This helps you to create high-cheekbones and a good jaw line. To do this, raise the lower lip as much as possible, for this take out the lower jaw. During this time you should feel the stretch in the chin muscles and jaw line. Do this exercise 10 times for 10-15 seconds.

Jaw release

 By doing this, the muscles of your lips, jaws and cheeks are stretched. Breathe deep inside and slowly exhale while making sounds. Now open the mouth completely and press the bottom teeth to scream. Now stop for 5 seconds, then breathe in and release out. Do this exercise 10 times, stopping for 5-5 seconds.

Fish Face

 It is a very easy exercise, it tones the cheeks muscles, that is, reduces the fat deposited on your cheeks and dilutes them. For this, pull your cheeks and lips inward, try not to laugh. Hold for 5 seconds. Do this 10 times. You will also feel some burning sensation on the cheeks and jaws while doing this.

Blowing Air Exercise

 It works well on the entire face and throat muscles. This reduces both your double chin and hanging thick cheeks, called chubby cheeks. To do this, sit on a chair with the waist straight. Tilt your head backwards as much as possible, this will make your face skyward. Pull the lips outward and let the air out of the mouth. Hold for 10 seconds then return to the initial state. Do this exercise 10 times.

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