How to prevent negative effects of internet- इन टिप्स की मदद से दूर करें बच्चों में इंटरनेट की लत

How to prevent negative effects of internet

In today’s lifestyle, technology has become an essential part of the life of people of all ages. The impact of the Internet can be seen on people of all ages. But its worst effect is on children.

Earlier the work which was done by giving toffee, toys or other things or beating and other punishments is now being done with tablet and app.

A research conducted on new age children has shown that the number of children using tablets has increased rapidly.
However, research has also shown that parents are using the time of tablets to punish or reward children.

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Internet more than tv

Children are spending more of their time in online activities than watching TV. The increasing use of social media has made everyone a slave to social media. Nowadays social media is being seen by people of all ages as well as the influence of children. Due to different social media platforms, keeping an eye on children has become a big problem for parents.

If your child also spends most of his time on the Internet, then by adopting these things, you can prevent your child from using the Internet more.

  • What is your child looking for on the Internet. It is your responsibility to keep full knowledge of it. Also keep in mind what kind of video games your child plays, what kind of movies or programs they watch on TV.
  • Discuss with your child what they liked and did not like in video games, film and TV programs, and what they learned from it.
  • Emphasize your children to do things that are beneficial for them. Teach them to plant trees. Tell them about their benefits.
  • Keep your children busy in outdoor games as much as possible. Give them all the information related to sports and generate more and more interest in sports.
  • Do not let your children use the Internet more. Set a time for them to use the Internet.
  • Never keep a TV, laptop, or mobile phone in your children’s bed room.
  • Often parents are so lost in the love of their children that they start fulfilling their every demand without thinking. This behavior of yours has a very bad effect on your child, so avoid doing so.

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