Janata curfew: what to do and what not, know these 5 important things

Janata Curfew
Janata Curfew

About 315 people have been infected with Corona virus in India and 4 people have died. In such a situation, people are being advised to stay away from each other. For this, PM Modi has requested to impose Janata curfew on Sunday. The question is, what should the people not do on the day of curfew?

PM Modi had recently appealed to the people of the country to follow the Janata curfew on 22 March i.e. Sunday. This is being done so that social distancing can be done. So that the corona virus can be prevented from spreading. On this day everyone has to stay in their homes. But there are also some questions in the minds of people that how to follow the Janata curfew. Let us tell you the 5 important points related to this.

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01. Stay at home, don’t get out

The most important thing is that you stay in your house and do not leave. Do not even walk in your society, do not go to the park. The Modi government has requested for the Janata curfew so that people do not meet each other. This Janata curfew will run from 7 am to 9 pm.

02. When can I exit

As such, try not to leave the house at all, but if a medical emergency comes, you can leave the house. Those going to the hospital will not be stopped. Also, you can leave to go to the milk-bread shop near you, because these are important things, for which you will not be stopped.

03. Who can leave the house

Policemen, media people, doctors and people with cleanliness responsibility can leave the house, because their work is very important. PM Modi himself has said that it is necessary for these people to leave, because they have a big responsibility.

04. Clap, thali or bell at 5 o’clock in the evening

PM Modi has made a special request to all the countrymen that they will stand at their windows and doors at 5 pm, thanking doctors, policemen, media personnel, cleaning workers, home delivery people for 5 minutes. For this, you can clap, thali or ring the bell. He has urged the State Governments to inform the people through sirens at 5 pm.

05. Most important, keep washing hands

Even though we are in our house, we are not going out anywhere, but every 20 minutes must wash hands for at least 20 seconds. Wash hands before and after defecation even if you have not washed your hands shortly before.

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