Coronavirus: Emergency declared over the increasing number of corona patients in Japan

Japan Lockdown

Shinzo Abe clarified that a state of emergency has been imposed in the country and some restrictions will also be imposed but they will not be the same as imposed in other countries.

Tokyo | Given the increasing number of Corona patients in Japan, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe declared a state of emergency on Monday. It also announced a trillion-dollar (76 lakh crore rupees) incentive package to deal with the impact on the economy. There are currently 3,650 corona patients in Japan, which is much lower than in many other countries. Japan is the world’s third-largest economy.

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Emergency due to the increasing number of coronavirus patients- Shinzo Abe

According to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, the impact of the emergency will be seen from Tuesday. This was done given the increasing number of coronavirus patients in some areas of the country including the capital Tokyo. A few weeks ago, about two thousand patients were reported in Japan, but after that, the increase in their numbers decreased and it is believed that the epidemic has been controlled in the country.

He lifted his head again a few days ago. Some control measures were implemented, but when they did not prove effective, now the government has decided to be more strict by declaring a national emergency. In this situation, people can be kept at home by lockdown, businesses and business establishments will be closed and traffic will be controlled.

Prime Minister said- Emergency imposed for one month

During this time the crowd will not be allowed to gather and private buildings can also be taken for medical purposes. Penalties can also be imposed on those who violate the lockdown. The Prime Minister said this system has been implemented for a month at present. We want the cooperation of all the citizens in this.

The emergency will not stop living in the country completely

Shinzo Abe clarified that a state of emergency has been imposed in the country and some restrictions will be imposed, but they will not be as they have been imposed in other countries, which has brought life to a complete standstill.

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