After Taliban rule in Afghanistan, women threatened to cut their fingers for polishing their nails

Women’s lives are going to be worse than hell under Talibani’s rule. The Taliban has instructed women to stay away from using nail polish. It has also been said that fingers will be cut off for violating it. At the same time, the terrorists have trouble even when the youth wear jeans.

The news of Taliban brutality from Afghanistan is coming to the fore every day. The Taliban, which describes themselves as ‘revenge’, suffers from an old mentality and is harassing the people of Afghanistan. The Taliban have banned the wearing of jeans and instructed girls to stay away from using nail polish. The terrorists have made it clear that those who do not obey them will have to face punishment. Recently some youths were brutally beaten up for wearing jeans.

Youngster exposed cruelty

According to the news published in ‘The Sun’, an Afghan child exposed Taliban cruelty and told that he and his friends were punished severely for wearing jeans. The boy told that he was going somewhere in Kabul with some of his friends when Taliban fighters coming from the front stopped him. Describing the jeans as disrespect to Islam, the terrorists first thrashed them, then showed them the gun and threatened them not to repeat the mistake again.

Heel sandals also banned

Afghan newspaper Etilaatroz has also confirmed the incident. A newspaper reporter was also beaten up by Taliban militants for not wearing traditional Afghan clothes. At the same time, in Kandahar, the Taliban has issued a fatwa for women and girls. In this fatwa, it has been said that applying nail polish is prohibited. If anyone is found doing this, his fingers will be cut off. Not only this but a ban has also been imposed on women wearing heeled sandals so that no stranger can hear their footsteps.

hope of help to women

Taliban fighters are roaming the streets intimidating people. Till now many girls have been kidnapped and sold in other countries. While some have been forcibly married to terrorists. In their first regime too, Taliban militants had committed similar atrocities on women. This is the reason why most women want to leave Afghanistan and run away. Hundreds of women are still present at Kabul airport. They hope that someone will definitely help them.

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