Signs and Symptoms You Need to See a Gynecologist

Signs and Symptoms You Need to See a Gynecologist

According to Marham, there are multiple alarming reasons which can contribute to visiting a gynecologist. For the health of the females, it is mandatory to see a gynecologist. The problem with periods... Read more »
rassia ukraine war

Ukraine and Russia War: Why Russia and Ukraine are fighting; Know the whole matter in simple words

The rivalry between Ukraine and Russia is decades old, but never did a situation of war arise between the two. In recent times, Ukraine has suddenly become important for both Russia and... Read more »
Dolo 650 Paracetamol

350 crore pills of Dolo 650 were sold during the Corona period!

Dolo 650 sales peaked during the second quarter. In April 2021, Dolo 650 tablets were sold worth Rs 49 crore. According to healthcare research firm IQVIA, this is the highest sale of... Read more »
Instagram icon

Top Tips when Marketing a Business on Instagram

The number of marketers using Instagram has skyrocketed in recent years. Everyone is on there, from small business start-ups to multi-billion-pound companies. It is a hugely effective method of gaining followers, engaging... Read more »
Benefits of Blockchain-Enabled Education Background Check

Benefits of Blockchain-Enabled Education Background Check

Authenticating resumes is a big problem for recruiters worldwide. The primary problem of this method is that it requires considerable time and money for the Candidate Background Check. Traditionally, human resource managers... Read more »
Business Name

Choosing an awesome name for your business: a step-by-step guide

Picking a great name for a business can be a challenging part of being an entrepreneur. If you don’t already have a unique name in mind, it’s hard to come up with... Read more »
Corona & dengue

Corona or Dengue? Recognize by these different symptoms

Dengue mosquitoes breed more during the monsoon. During this time the risk of this disease remains high. The coronavirus epidemic is going on in the country, in such a situation, if someone... Read more »
muslim burqa

After Taliban rule in Afghanistan, women threatened to cut their fingers for polishing their nails

Women’s lives are going to be worse than hell under Talibani’s rule. The Taliban has instructed women to stay away from using nail polish. It has also been said that fingers will... Read more »
Plastic tiranga flag koo app

#SayNoToPlasticTiranga: Campaign launched by Koo app

The indigenous microblogging site Koo has started the SayNoToPlasticTiranga campaign on the special occasion of Independence Day. The purpose of this campaign is to say no to plastic Tiranga. Koo App has... Read more »
Kamalpreet kaur

Tokyo Olympics: Who is Kamalpreet Kaur, who made it to the final of the discus throw

Kamalpreet Kaur of India has surprised everyone with her performance in the discus throw competition of the Tokyo Olympics. Due to his excellent performance, she has made it to the finals. Kamalpreet... Read more »
Blockchain technology

Utilize Blockchain Technology to Facilitate Education Background Checks in a More Secure and Timely Manner

It is not true that many job applicants falsify their resumes to obtain jobs with their desired organizations. Additionally, in rare instances, human resource experts hire the wrong candidate. Regrettably, this results... Read more »
Dilip kumar love story

Dilip Kumar Madhubala Love Story

Dilip Kumar, popularly known as the Tragedy King, has said goodbye to this world forever on 7 July 2021. Many memories related to Dilip Sahab have started getting fresh again in the... Read more »
kylie jenner

Kylie Jenner Becomes World’s Youngest Billionaire, Behind Mark Zuckerberg

At the age of just 20, Kylie Jenner built a company of 6 thousand crores. According to Forbes, Internet sensation and media personality She is poised to become the youngest billionaire. It... Read more »
New labour law

New labour law in India

Indians work more for less salary, these countries have longer working hours than India! The International Labor Organization (ILO) has released the latest Global Wage Report 2020-21 report on minimum wages in... Read more »
ash wednesday

Ash Wednesday fasting, History and Meaning

Ash Wednesday – The 40-day fast in Christian society begins on Wednesday. This fast has a lot of importance in religion. Know why Christian society puts ashes on the forehead Ash Wednesday... Read more »