Google Meet

What is Google Meet and how to use Google meet?

The need for video calling and video conferencing has become excessive due to the lock down. In such a situation, people are looking for an app that allows them to make video... Read more »
Umar khalid arrested

Umar Khalid LIVE News Updates: Umar Khalid arrested under UAPA after 11 hours long inquiry

Umar Khalid arrested news: According to Delhi Police, an FIR was registered against Umar Khalid on March 6 in a case related to the riots. They have been arrested under the Unlawful... Read more »
pubg ban in india

Pubg banned in India: shock to China, Modi government banned 118 apps including Pubg

Government of India has banned 118 more Chinese apps. The government has banned these apps citing national security. Banning these apps is another setback for China in Ladakh amid tensions with China.... Read more »
Pranab Mukherjee died on 31 august

Pranab Mukherjee considers number 13 to be auspicious but Pranab Mukherjee dies on 31 august

Pranab Mukherjee has always been very professional. While all the leaders take big decisions in politics keeping in mind the dates and auspicious and inauspicious, Pranab da, who drowned in the devotion... Read more »
Startup ideas

Startup ideas – How to start up business

Planning is an important process before starting any business and making a written business plan is an important part of this process. A Business Plan is a map or blueprint of your... Read more »
Indian Constitution

Future of online education and its advantage

Future of online education Advanced technology is playing an important role in every field. This advanced technology has also changed the way of education. Online education is better than traditional classroom teaching.... Read more »
Indian Constitution

Online Education – long distance learning

Online education is a type of education system in which students are taught online at home on computers. Locked all over the country due to the growing threat of Corona when all... Read more »
Aamir’s meeting with Turkey’s First Lady

Protests on social media continue on Aamir’s meeting with Turkey’s First Lady

Aamir Khan, who trolled after meeting Turkish President’s wife, has created uproar over these controversies. On the night of 15 August, actor Aamir Khan met Emine Erdoğan, wife of Turkish First Lady... Read more »

Telegram will be equipped with video calling feature, end to end encryption

The video calling feature is now being released in Telegram. This app is known for privacy and security. There are many such features that are not found in other apps. Video calling... Read more »
jaundice symptoms

Jaundice: symptoms, causes, treatment, diagnosis, prevention

There is nothing to worry about jaundice in children. But if the people are vulnerable to this disease, then the problem increases. It also takes a long time to recover. Learn important... Read more »