Neck pain

Sitting job can cause huge harm to health

Nowadays, our lifestyle has become something that we have to sit and work in the office for hours. Sitting for long periods of time has a bad effect on health and today... Read more »
Coronavirus smoking

Coronavirus & Smoking: know how smoking helps coronavirus to infect lungs

Coronavirus Smoking Older peoplePregnant womenPeople with severe illness previously Smokers are placed in high risk category at risk of coronavirus. New Delhi, Lifestyle Desk. Coronavirus & Smoking: The increasing prevalence of coronavirus... Read more »
Shinzo Abe lockdown

Coronavirus: Emergency declared over the increasing number of corona patients in Japan

Shinzo Abe clarified that a state of emergency has been imposed in the country and some restrictions will also be imposed but they will not be the same as imposed in other... Read more »
smell of sweat

You will not have to be embarrassed by the smell of sweat, coconut-lemon and try to get rid of these things

The smell of sweat from the sides is a common practice. To remove this odor, if you wish, some household things can be used. The smell of sweat from the body is... Read more »
smell of sweat

The smell of sweat comes more from eating these things

People often use deodorant and perfume to remove the smell of sweat, but let us tell you that due to some things included in your diet, there is also a bad odor... Read more »
Sardar vallabhbhai patel

The statue of unity: world’s tallest statue

The Statue of Unity is the statue of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, one of the most prominent Indian leaders, who is remembered as the Iron Man of India. Located in the Indian state... Read more »
Aadhar card apply

Aadhaar card can be made without ID proof and document, know what is the way

If your new number is not updated or you do not have a registered mobile number, then for this you will have to go to the Aadhaar center and there you will... Read more »
IPL match can cancelled this year

IPL 2020 on the verge of canceling, next year will not be mega auction

The 13th season of IPL is on the verge of being canceled due to Corona virus, which BCCI may announce soon. New Delhi All the tournaments till May have been canceled due... Read more »
Health Tips

Health Tips: How to stay fit without dieting, you can stay fit by adopting these tips

Everyone wants him to stay fit. Some people do dieting for this. But experts say that by getting plenty of sleep and drinking plenty of water, your health can be good. At... Read more »
US ready to supply ventilator

Trump gives relief news, US ready to supply ventilator, India worries

US will supply a large number of ventilators, this news can be a relief for other countries of the world including India, who are struggling with Corona Washington, Agency. The US is... Read more »
Coronavirus symptoms

know what is the symptoms of coronavirus and its treatment

Coronavirus Symptoms Scientists say the deadly virus that spreads faster is more contagious. A person who has fallen prey to it can only spread it with a cough or a sneeze. Thousands... Read more »
Smelling power corona

Coronavirus Infection May be a sign of infection, Reduce your smelling ability

Britain’s ENT doctors quoted some reports as saying that a loss in smell could be a sign of infection. London, Agency. A new sign of coronavirus infection is being claimed. Britain’s ENT... Read more »
fruits included in the diet

These 5 fruits included in the diet, will reduce the risk of this serious disease

Everyone is aware of how useful fruits are for our better health. Consuming fruits gives us longevity as well as beauty. Eating fruits supply our body with minerals and vitamins, which are... Read more »
Janata curfew

Janata curfew: what to do and what not, know these 5 important things

About 315 people have been infected with Corona virus in India and 4 people have died. In such a situation, people are being advised to stay away from each other. For this,... Read more »
United Nations

The United Nations appeals to all countries to stop or ban capital punishment

United Nations. The United Nations (UN) appealed to all countries to stop or ban the death penalty. The four convicts Mukesh Singh (32), Pawan Gupta (25), Vinay Sharma (26) and Akshay Kumar... Read more »