Who is Tetsuya Yamagami, Who shot Shinzo Abe, why did he stand there even after the attack?

Shinzo Abe Shot Dead: Former Japan PM Shinzo was assassinated on 08 July 2022. He was shot two times during an election rally. The suspected killer was caught on the spot. At present, there is a wave of mourning in Japan. At the same time, the rest of the world is also shocked by this attack. PM Modi has expressed grief over the killing of Shinzo Abe. With this, it has been announced that tomorrow there will be national mourning in India.

Who is Tetsuya Yamagami and Why did he shoot Shinzo Abe?

Shinzo Abe was attacked when he was giving a speech during the election campaign. Abe was fired from behind and he immediately fell to the ground after being shot. Not much information was found about the attacker, but according to the Japanese media, It is being said that this guy has worked in the Maritime Self-Defense Force. His name is Tetsuya Yamagami. The attacker is an associate professor in a medical college. During the attack, he was wearing a gray T-shirt and brown colored pants. According to Japanese media, 41-year-old Tetsuya Yamagami had prepared this shotgun at home. He fired at Shinzo with a homemade gun. The attacker was arrested soon after the attack. At the time of arrest, he was carrying a gun and was also wearing a mask. Tetsuya Yamagami told the police that he was very angry with Shinzo Abe and was not happy with Shinzo’s work and policies.

A wave of mourning all over the world

After the Second World War, Abe was one of the few leaders who got the opportunity to become the Prime Minister of Japan twice. Apart from his efforts to revive the economy, he has been known to increase Japan’s military capability and strongly oppose China’s growing clout. According to Japan’s state-run news channel NHK, 67-year-old Abe was addressing people at a campaign program for the upcoming election in the city of Nara. During this, an unknown assailant fired at him from behind. The reason why this unexpected attack was carried out on Abe is not yet known. Now after the news of the death, while there is a wave of mourning in Japan, on the other hand, the leaders of the world are praying for the peace of the departed soul.

‘Abenomics’ mantra for economy

Shinzo Abe’s theory of ‘Abenomics’ received a lot of discussion around the world, but it did not really succeed in making an impact on the ground. However, Abe kept trying to invite foreign investors to Japan on the basis of this principle. In fact, in 2020, the sudden corona epidemic (Covid-19) struck the most profound blow on Abe’s ‘Abenomics’. In November 2019, Abe became the longest-serving prime minister of Japan and had to step down in 2020 itself. The first goal of Abenomics was to curb deflation. Apart from this, its second goal was to bring economic growth back on track with the help of hyper-easy monetary policy and fiscal spending. The third goal of Abenomics was to get rid of the problem of a rapidly aging population and declining population in Japan. Abenomics could not get success on the deflation front. Abenomics’ growth strategy suffered a setback in the year 2019 due to an increase in sales tax. The rest – the US-China tariff war and the Corona epidemic did the right thing.

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