Signs and Symptoms You Need to See a Gynecologist

According to Marham, there are multiple alarming reasons which can contribute to visiting a gynecologist. For the health of the females, it is mandatory to see a gynecologist. The problem with periods is the main concern for female reproductive organs. That is why it is recommended to start visiting a gynecologist from the age of 15. These visits must initiate before females become sexually involved. In addition to this, puberty is also a challenging time, and becoming knowledgeable about the services of a gynecologist can be helpful in the longer run. The following are the symptoms of visiting a gynecologist.

The Intense Feeling of Itchiness and Burning

The sign to visit your gynecologist is when you feel painful sensations, for instance, itching and burning. There could be many reasons for itching and burning, but one is an infection. A relatively common infection is a urinary tract infection that can be cured by drinking many liquids and cranberry juice. However, a UTI that gets out of control can lead to an intense kidney infection.

Although, if you undergo this painful sensation after having sex, there is a high chance that you are allergic to the latex present in most condoms. In this situation, the gynecologist will assist you in specifying the cause of the pain and provide you with preventive measures.

Menstrual Abnormalities

Whenever the menstrual cycle gets irregular, and if it stops at all, visit the gynecologist. It could be driven by hormonal imbalances or anxiety. However, it could also signify ovarian issues, infection, and uterine abnormalities. If you ignore the menstrual irregularities, they could become the cause of reproductive issues. The possible treatment for menstrual abnormalities depends on the causes. The hormonal imbalances can get cured with exact hormone treatments. However, to treat menstrual abnormalities are as simple as lifestyle modifications or taking a contraceptive treatment for some women.

Excessive Itching and Discharge from Vagina

Extreme itching, discharge, and a foul odor could signify a bacterial infection and perhaps a sexually transmitted infection. Mostly such infections do not go away on their own. So, it is necessary to make your gynecologist assess the symptoms so that you may be treated properly and on a timely basis. However, vaginal itching and discharge can be treated with medications in some cases.

Extremely Painful Periods

During periods many females experience extreme mood swings, high cravings, and cramps in the lower abdomen. Although these symptoms are typical, a few women experience more alarming pain as compared to others. 

If you are suffering from these symptoms, then a visit to the gynecologist will definitely help in reducing the pain during periods. The problem may be with the fibroid that needs treatment, and maybe having heavy periods is the problem. In this scenario, the gynecologist can recommend you an effective medication or help you select a birth control plan. As some birth control pills allow you to reduce or, in some cases, stop the period. It helps in giving control over the signs.

Intense Breast Pain

Whenever you experience any abnormality in your breast area, it must be immediately reported to your gynecologist. These abnormalities may contain extreme breast pain, distress, large lumps, or abnormal discharge from the breasts. Redness and swelling are a few more signs which should never be overlooked. The gynecologist will help in providing the solution for these symptoms.

Pelvic Pain

It is necessary to inform the gynecologist about the kind of pain. The pelvic pain is an alarming sign of an infection, a cyst, or a dangerous pregnancy. Moreover, the continuous pain in the abdomen area indicates uterine fibroids, which are known as non-cancerous tumors. Another possible source of chronic pelvic pain can be endometriosis. It is a common condition in which the uterus lining grows outside the organ. Your gynecologist will assist you with these symptoms in a timely manner.

Distressing Intercourse

The symptoms that cause pelvic pain may also initiate pain during intercourse. In some women, lubricants help in making sex less painful. However, suppose it does not give you relief. In that case, your gynecologist can look into other potential causes, including endometriosis, pelvic inflammatory disease, or other infections. In this case, your gynecologist is the only person from whom you can find an effective solution to this problem.

Why there is a Need to Visit a Gynecologist?

Many of the signs and symptoms mentioned above may seem curable, but they can lead to chronic conditions if not treated on time. However, there are many benefits to bringing these symptoms to the gynecologist’s attention.

A gynecologist will be able to detect and diagnose health issues concerning your reproductive system more quickly and effectively. Apart from these, your gynecologist can help in putting the symptoms into the context of reproductive health. Your gynecologist will help in providing you with reproductive health advice. In this case, it will be easier to adopt habits that are healthy for your body and helpful to your reproductive health particularly. They suggest specific screenings, tests, and advice for the health of your reproductive organs. Moreover, the ultrasounds can be done on an immediate basis to diagnose the problem.

It is always better to consult professionals for guidance. Book your appointment with the top 10 gynecologists in Peshawar through Marham for more information. 

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