Snoring Solutions: Learn- Why Snoring Comes? how to stop snoring in easy ways.

Many people have a habit of snoring problems at bedtime. Sometimes the sound of this snoring is so loud that even people who sleep side by side get upset. Strong snoring sometimes indicates a serious problem. Let us know why snoring comes and how to stop snoring in easy ways.

Why come snoring – A hoarse voice is heard during snoring. This happens when the flow of air during breathing creates vibrations in the tissues located in the throat. When you sleep deeply, your mouth, tongue, and throat muscles get relief. During this time, the throat tissues become so loose that they partially block the airways and this causes vibrations.

The narrower the airway, the faster the airflow. This tissue increases the vibration, causing loud snoring. There can be many reasons for snoring such as sinus problems, excessive alcohol consumption, allergies, cold, or obesity. It is also associated with a disorder called Obstructive Sleep Apnea. Some methods can get rid of the snoring problem.

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Change sleeping position – On sleeping on the back, the tongue and palate constrict the airways and due to this, the sound of vibration is produced during sleep. Sleeping side by side helps prevent this. Snoring is also reduced by sleeping on pillows equal to the body because it maintains the balance of the body on one side. Snoring is also reduced by sleeping with the head elevated because it opens the nasal airways and prevents snoring. However, it may also cause throat pain.

Lose Weight- Weight loss can also help some people with snoring problems. However, this does not apply to everyone. Some thin people also snore. If you did not snore before and after gaining weight you started having this problem, then by losing weight you can get rid of snoring. Increased fat around the neck causes more snoring.

Stay away from alcohol- Alcohol narrows the throat muscles due to which snoring starts. Experts say that drinking alcohol four to five hours before bedtime increases the chances of snoring. Usually, people who do not snore, also start snoring after drinking alcohol.

Make the right habit of sleeping- The reason for not sleeping on time also increases the problem of snoring. When you sleep after waking for a long time, the body becomes completely tired and sleep becomes very deep. In this state too the muscles become compressed and snoring starts.

Change your pillow- Sometimes snoring also comes due to pillow allergies. Allergies to dust particles deposited in pillows can cause snoring. Keep your pillow open-air once every two weeks and change your pillow every six months. This can reduce your snoring problem.

Keep the nose open– If you snore through the nose, it may help to keep the nasal airways open. It pulls the air in slowly. Snoring occurs more when the nose is closed due to cold or due to any reason. Bathing with warm water before sleeping opens the nose holes. Washing the nose with salt water also helps in snoring.

Stay hydrated- Drink plenty of fluids and keep yourself hydrated. Nose and palate become sticky due to dehydration and due to this snoring becomes more frequent. To overcome this, drink plenty of water and increase the amount of liquid diet.

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