Students will study BJP’s history in Islamic University of Indonesia, interest born in academics

A book giving information about the history of the BJP will form part of the syllabus at the Islamic University of Indonesia. The BJP’s two consecutive victories in India’s general elections have aroused interest in academics for the party.

Shantanu Gupta’s book ‘Bharatiya Janata Party – Past, Present and Future, Story of the world’s largest political party’ will form part of the curriculum of undergraduate students of South Asian Studies in the Department of International Relations.

Hadja Min Fadli, the faculty member of the Department of International Relations at the university, said that the party’s interest in academics is increasing due to the BJP’s two-time victory in the general election. Hadja said that he came to know about the book during his recent visit to India. He came to India for the Kautilya Fellowship program organized by ‘India Foundation’.

He said that the people of Indonesia want to further strengthen our relations with India and hence it is important to understand the ruling party BJP. We hope that the BJP wants the same.

When Shantanu Gupta was asked for feedback on her book being selected to be a part of the curriculum at the University of Indonesia, she said that her work getting global recognition is very satisfying for her as a writer. Gupta has written five books including a biography of Yogi Adityanath and a book on football in India.

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