Trump gives relief news, US ready to supply ventilator, India worries

US ready to supply ventilator

US will supply a large number of ventilators, this news can be a relief for other countries of the world including India, who are struggling with Corona

Washington, Agency. The US is prepared to supply a large number of ventilators to its friends and allies to combat the Corona epidemic. The news may be a relief to other countries of the world, including India, which is suffering from the Corona epidemic. President Donald Trump said that his administration will distribute to other countries worldwide after delays in the production of ventilators and other medical devices inside the US to treat large numbers of people infected with the Coronavirus.

America will prepare more than 100,000 ventilators in the next 100 days

President Trump announced that the US would manufacture ventilators on a war footing. He said that in the next 100 days the US will produce more than 100,000 ventilators. He said that there has been a demand for ventilators from many countries. Trump said the US would take care of its needs, but we are ready to help other countries. Trump stressed that many countries need ventilators and will help their friendly nations in times of such crisis. He said that this is a good chance that we can fulfill the need of someone.

White House is working with 10 different companies

Presidential adviser Peter Navarro said that in view of the outbreak of the Corona epidemic in New York, Detroit, New Orleans, Chicago, Denver, Seattle, adequate ventilators are needed. The ventilator is indeed the most important in this watch. Especially for those infected patients who become most seriously ill. Peter said that it is truly a lifeline for people. He said that the White House is working with 10 different companies to manufacture ventilators. Peter said the US government currently has 10,000 ventilators in stock. Meanwhile, a congressional delegation from Washington State has requested 1,000 additional ventilators from the Strategic National Stockpile (SNS) from the Trump administration.

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