Corona epidemic doubles death toll in America in ten days, President Trump worried

The US may have to face the Corona epidemic again with the flu outbreak next winter.

Washington, agencies. In just ten days, the death toll in America, which was badly affected by the Corona epidemic, doubled. So far more than 45 thousand people have lost their lives in the country. Ten days ago this number was close to 23 thousand. The number of infected people has also increased to around 8 lakh 20 thousand. However, there is a slight decline in the rate of new cases. For the last four days, the number of new cases is staying below 30 thousand. Earlier on April 14, a record 35 thousand 392 new cases were reported.

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Epidemic center killed 20 thousand in New York

According to the news agency Reuters, 2,750 victims died in the US on Tuesday. Earlier, on April 15, the highest number of deaths was 2,806 in one day. New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Michigan killed the most victims in a single day. While 481 patients died in the last 24 hours in New York State, the epicenter of the country. More than two and a half million people are infected in this American state and about 20 thousand have died so far. More than 90 thousand people are also infected in the neighboring state of New Jersey.

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Corona virus caused the first death in California

The first death from the corona virus in the US occurred in the state of California. According to health officials, two people died in early and mid-February. Both of these victims who died of corona have now become the earliest known cases in America. It was previously believed that the first death from Corona occurred in Washington on 29 January.

Anticipation of second round of epidemic

The danger of a second round epidemic in the US facing the havoc of Corona has also been feared. A top health officer of the country has warned that the second round may be more severe than the current one. The Washington Post newspaper quoted Robert Redfield, director of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, America’s premier National Institute of Public Health, as saying that the country may have to face the corona epidemic again with the flu outbreak next winter.

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