Uttarakhand flood news: Glacier bursts in Chamoli District

Chamoli Glacier Burst: The destruction of the glacier in Uttarakhand’s Chamoli district on Sunday morning has caused huge havoc.

The Rishiganga and Dhauli flooded the Ganga Valley on Sunday morning and carried people like straws. Many laborers and workers were trapped in the under-construction power tunnel in Tapovan. People who were working on projects on other sites suddenly fell prey to floods.

Rani residents Laxman Singh, Keshar Singh, Avtar Singh said that they were all sunbathing on Sunday. At around 10:10, heavy thunder started in the Rishiganga Valley. At first, the villagers did not understand, but after some time when big boulder trees and debris started coming into Rishiganga, there was panic in the village. However, there was no damage due to the village being upstream. But the devastation spread when the sage of debris reached the confluence of the Ganges and Dholi. The Rishiganga Power Project management says that 40 of their employees and workers were working on-site during the incident. Out of these 9 people were injured while 31 people were not known till late evening.

More people came to the Tapovan project

The Tapovan project site is about 6 kilometers from the confluence of Rishiganga, Dhauli. The flood took about half an hour to reach here. During this time 26 workers and employees were working in the project tunnels and 142 workers and workers in the sites. According to eyewitnesses, most of these people fell prey to the inundation in the river. Rescue teams rescued 25 of those trapped in the tunnels in Tapovan by late evening. While the search for people trapped in the second tunnel continues.

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