What causes dizziness? And The Most Effective Dizziness Treatment Food?

Suddenly a feeling of darkening before the eyes or a feeling like turning the head can happen to anyone. Apart from this, sometimes fatigue and weakness can also be felt. These are all symptoms of dizziness. However, this problem is not a serious one, but sometimes it can take a serious form. In this article on Stylecrase, we are telling about what causes dizziness. Along with this, we will try to give complete information about the treatment of vertigo and the most effective dizziness treatment food. The treatments we are describing in this article are based on many types of research. Apart from this, the given dizziness treatment food can reduce the problem of dizziness to some extent. At the same time, if the problem becomes serious and the dizziness starts again and again, then it becomes necessary to see the doctor at once.

What causes dizziness

Sudden sitting or getting up: Many people feel lightheaded (a state of dizziness) when sitting or getting up suddenly. This can also be a reason for dizziness.

  1. Causes of Migraine: In the case of migraine, there is severe pain in the head. Dizziness may also arise due to this.
  2. Due to medicines: Dizziness can also occur due to any kind of problem inside the ear or due to a drug reaction.
  3. Low blood pressure: Sudden low blood pressure can also cause dizziness.
  4. Dehydration: Dizziness can occur even if there is a lack of water in the body due to dehydration.
  5. Causes of motion sickness: Dizziness can also occur due to motion sickness. Motion sickness is a condition that some people experience while traveling by bus or car.
  6. Due to aging: With increasing age, people can have many health problems, due to which they may have to take more medicines. This can also cause dizziness.
  7. Due to any other reason: Sometimes, apart from the above conditions, some other reasons can also cause the problem of dizziness. In this situation, a doctor’s advice should be taken without delay.

Most Effective Dizziness Treatment Food

1. Ginger

Consuming ginger can be beneficial for relieving dizziness. According to scientific research, special medicinal properties are found in ginger, which is the best dizziness treatment food. If consumed while traveling, it can help in curing the problem of motion sickness (one of the causes of dizziness). This discovery has also confirmed that ginger is a good source of antioxidants, which are helpful for providing relief from dizziness. Therefore, ginger can be used for motion sickness and as an Ayurvedic dizziness treatment.


Cut ginger into small pieces. Now chew on these pieces if you feel motion sickness during traveling. Apart from this, ginger supplements can also be taken on the advice of the doctor.

 2. Honey

can be effective in case of dizziness. According to medical research published by NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information), honey has high energy content in the form of nutrients, which is the best dizziness treatment food. The body gets a sufficient amount of calories immediately after its consumption. This can help in curing the problem of vertigo (a type of dizziness). It can treat dizziness. A study by science found that honey can be consumed as a treatment for vertigo.


Mix two teaspoons of honey and about one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water.

Then drink this water. Apart from this, one spoon of honey and one spoon of lemon juice can also be mixed with water and drunk. Keep in mind that in this home remedy, use pure honey.

3. Basil

Many people wonder what to do when dizzy, and which is the best dizziness treatment food? but it is not that difficult. Actually, consuming basil plant extract can be beneficial to cure the problem of dizziness. According to scientific research, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties are found in basil. Both these properties can reduce the problem of dizziness to some extent (8). At present, more research is needed in this regard.


Grind a few basil leaves and extract about half a teaspoon of the extract. Consuming this extract can be beneficial in case of dizziness.

4. Almonds

Nutritious almonds are considered to be the best dry fruit and the best dizziness treatment food. Consuming almonds can be a home remedy for dizziness. Vitamin B6 is found in almonds (9). At the same time, by consuming vitamin B6, problems like dizziness in the head can be prevented (10). However, the amount of vitamin B6 in almonds is limited, so instead of consuming it, other remedies given above can also be adopted.


Soak 4-5 almonds in water overnight. The next morning take off their peels and grind them finely. Then it can be consumed by mixing it with milk (after the milk is boiled and cooled).

5. Amla

As a medicine for vertigo, amla has been used for a long time to make Unani and Ayurvedic medicines, as it is considered a potent fruit. Antimicrobial and antioxidant properties are found in Amla. It has been told in a scientific report that the problem of headache and dizziness can be reduced by applying the pulp of gooseberry fruit on the head (12). In this way, gooseberry can be a home remedy for rotating heads.


Take two to three drops of mustard oil. Make a paste of gooseberry pulp and mix mustard oil in it. Now lightly apply it on the scalp. After about 30 minutes wash the head with shampoo.

5. Drink Plenty of Water

As mentioned above, dehydration can also be one of the reasons for dizziness. Therefore, plenty of water should be consumed throughout the day. It can be beneficial as a home remedy for dizziness. Actually, due to this, the body remains hydrated throughout the day and the problem of dizziness can be reduced to some extent.

6. Lemon

Consuming lemon can also prove beneficial in case of dizziness. According to research, the consumption of lemon can reduce the risk of nausea as well as reduce the problem of dizziness. However, more scientific research is needed on how it can be a home remedy for vertigo.


Take a glass of water. Mix the juice of half a lemon in this water. Now it can be consumed in case of dizziness.

What to eat in case of dizziness? 

Incorporating healthy foods into your diet can also help treat dizziness. In fact, scientific research done about the cause of dizziness has confirmed that due to the lack of nutrients in food, there can also be a problem with dizziness. In this case, you should eat the dizziness treatment food that we have discussed in this article. For this, fiber-rich foods should be given a place in the diet. At the moment, more research needs to be done in this regard, but there is no doubt that adequate nutrients are essential for a healthy body.

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