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WhatsApp again clarifies after displeasure over the privacy policy, that complete details are going to be seen in your status.

WhatsApp has clarified by applying for status

Whatsapp Status: Let us know that WhatsApp had recently changed the privacy policy and started sending its notifications to the users, stating that by February 8, 2021, users should be allowed to use WhatsApp New conditions have to be accepted. After this, the debate started and the company had to postpone the policy. WhatsApp tried to clarify the privacy policy by imposing four status.

‘Committed to users’ privacy’

WhatsApp told in the first states that we are committed to your (users) privacy. With this, WhatsApp gave clear information on the misinformation spread about privacy and security.

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‘Others can’t read personal chat’

In other states, WhatsApp said, ‘All chats on WhatsApp are protected with end-to-end encryption and no one can read or listen to your personal chat.’

‘Do not access location’

WhatsApp said in the third states, “WhatsApp does not access the location shared by users.”

‘Do not share contacts with Facebook’

In the fourth state, WhatsApp said, ‘WhatsApp does not share the contact of users with its parent company Facebook.

What information is shared with Facebook

WhatsApp has given a link with the states, in which information has been given about privacy. The company has written on its website, ‘You can know which of your information is private and which information is shared with our parent company Facebook (Facebook). The information we share helps us to give a better experience to the user and improve security.

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