You can desire to read and learn even without copybook

Learn here the best mobile phone apps that will help you in studying. These mobile apps will make your reading way fun and interesting. Make your smartphone a reading and learning tool that will always keep you updated and alert.

Today the smartphone has become an unbreakable part of the life of almost every person, without which a person cannot even imagine living. With the invention of the smartphone, thousands of such applications or those to whom we speak apps have been invented which are available every day. It helps us to do thousands of tasks simply as well as gives us a chance to learn. The limelight of mobile apps for students will probably be limited to photo editor or gaming apps but today Many such apps have also come in the market with the help of which education has become very easy. These educational apps along with the study material you need, the right time table, useful tips, question papers for practice, Etc.

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Here through this article, we will introduce you to some similar Android mobile apps that will help you to top the exam while helping you to read and learn in a fun way:

My Homework App

With the help of My homework App, you will be able to keep track of your homework and other activities. Here, while noting any assignment or project, you can show the class along with it, the due date for completing it, and its priority. In the form of Reminder, alerts can also be saved which is saved in your calendar. Assignments or projects you note will appear in this calendar as a line according to class, date, or priority.

Teachers can also send an important declaration, study notes, syllabus, or other important material to the students who are using this app with the help of this app.

NCERT’s e-school app

Gone are the times when students had to wait for books to come for several days even after the new class started. Today, with the help of NCERT’s e-Pathshala app, you can download any subject’s book at no charge on your mobile or Can easily read on a tablet. All textbooks are available in both Hindi and English languages. In addition to the e-book, you can get videos here, audios, periodicals, and many other course materials of all classes.

30/30 app

Being bored while studying, forgetting to do the remaining work or avoiding work, these habits are found in most of the students which prevent them from studying effectively. To help such students, an app named 30/30 can prove to be very beneficial. A clock appears on the home screen of this app, which shows the time it takes to complete the work you do. As you have to solve 10 maths questions and according to you it will take a maximum time of one and a half hours, then you add your task in this app and set its time in the clock. Now while working this app will alert you with the help of audio or alarm after every 30 minutes, so that you will tend to finish the work. You can set a timer here for many tasks.

Wolfframe app

If we address the Wolfram app as a student tutor, it will not be wrong. This app is full of millions of choices and thousands of questions that provide you with information about every subject. These include topics in mythology, genealogy, astronomy, and trigonometry. It serves as a search engine for students. Every person can get the necessary information from anywhere and anywhere with the help of this app.

Audible app

As the name of this app makes it clear, this app is made by children who like to listen to their text rather than reading it because this app has a collection of hundreds of books for which audio is available. The audio of the text or book you choose to read will start playing, which moves in very clear words and at a very simple pace. You can listen to your favorite novels for any work you do, such as cooking, walking, or exercising.

So dear students, never take advantage of increasing technology and educate yourself. The old days of sitting with books in hand for hours to rhyme and recite your text in a customary way have gone a long way. If it is a modern era, then the methods of reading should also be modern. Only then you will be able to get ahead in the race for competition.

The Best Educational Apps for Android and iOS

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